An absolute no brainer

Women have faced oppression since the beginning of time when they were supposed to stay at home raise the kids, cook, clean, wait on their husbands every need and be the slave in the house. And it makes me crazy to think there are still some people today that think that women should be in the kitchen cooking, and not go out and get a job. Now, with the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 granting women the right to vote, this showed the first early steps to letting women begin to be slightly equal to men in society. Then in a groundbreaking case against Roe V. Wade the court decided to rule abortion be part of a woman’s right to privacy in 1973, prior to this i’m sure you have heard about the controversial coat hanger abortions that women would preform on themselves because they couldn’t access a sterile clinic to have the procedure done in. After the 1973 law was passed women would finally be given the freedom of choice for their own body as to whether they wanted to carry a pregnancy to term or NOT. The choice was in the end solely up to the woman and no one could take that away from them. I think especially in this day and age conservatives/republicans say “Pro Life” because they personally would never have an abortion because “You’re murdering an innocent child” but i don’t think they have the right to say someone else, some one other than themselves CANNOT have one. Why are we starting to let the government control what we do with our bodies. Personally, i don’t think i would ever have an abortion but if there are women out there who WANT to get one, so be it! I am in no place to tell them “Carry that baby to term, deliver it and care for it”. No one should be able to tell a woman (or man but its less common if not non-existent) that they cant go and have this procedure done because they don’t think its right, its absolutely ludicrous. Do we really want women to go back to the coat hanger method of terminating a pregnancy, something that is not sterile, traumatizing and i’m sure much more painful than an abortion you could get at Planned Parenthood. People who don’t know more than that Planned Parenthood does abortions seem to think that that is the only service they carry out. Planned parenthood provides well women exams, screening for cervical and testicular cancer, free contraceptive, STD testing, Sex-ed, free pregnancy tests, prenatal services and so much more! Some people think that planned parenthood is just an abortion clinic, all about killings babies DEATH DEATH DEATH, but that is truly not the case. they cater to what ever the patient needs. Whether it be STD screening, prenatal care, birth control, or an abortion. They are health care professionals and are there for whatever we need. I wish people would educate themselves on what planned parenthood also does besides the abortions. It is a clinic for everyone to get affordable health care and to keep it private if needed, from family. I hope that in the next four years with a new president, they will leave the abortion law in place and just let women be. For me its about letting women control what is rightfully theirs and no one can tell us any different. The rights to our own bodies can never be taken away, but still somehow people still try to today. We deserves access not only to affordable/free health care but abortions if need be. So just let us control our bodies and stop trying to put us into a box that you have all the control

My friend is going to Planned Parenthood to get a well woman exam to make sure her female reproductive organs are healthy and nothing is wrong, she then is going to be getting the IUD form of birth control at planned parenthood. She chose Planned Parenthood because she decided that since shes going off to college, if she decides to have sex she is already prepared by being on birth control. The birth control will also lighten her heavy periods and that is going to be amazing for her. She likes the aspect of having it be completely anonymous and confidential. She took this matter into her own hands now that she is a legal adult, to get a check up and make sure everything is good. She is taking advantage of the free / accessible healthcare in our home town and i think that is something very admirable about this woman. She is so proactive and smart about her body and smart about what she does in her everyday life. Its women like her that are going to  make a difference in the world of women’s rights. Planned Parenthood is NOT just an abortion clinic that is all about killing, it’s a place for women to get reliable check ups, help, and advice from doctors so before you say “Defund Planned Parenthood!!!” Remember what a woman chooses to do with her body has NOTHING to do with you.


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