Everything’s changing

I leave for college in two days and my room is still full of things I need to pack away. I can’t believe it has come this fast, because it actually seems like yesterday it was 40 days away and now…two days. I’m excited to leave this small (yet, so woke) town and get away from all the annoying drama where everyone knows everybody’s business. I guess I’ve come to a point where I don’t care about anyone I don’t need. The only people I truly need are Shaye, Serena and my mom. Everyone else is extra. I’m ready to be able to walk to class without people talking to me. At times I feel scared to leave and think I’m not ready but then I realize I’m more than ready and I can do this. I’ll learn everything day by day and take everything slow. I’m so ready to meet new people. Life is meant for light and love and happiness. If someone doesn’t fulfill that, I don’t need it!! Everything is so temporary so why spend precious time drooling over stupid drama and surrounding yourself with people who aren’t bringing all the love & positivity you deserve!? I can do this!! I can grow up and I’m not sorry for what comes along with it. I’m also so happy that  I have such a bright roommate, someone I know I can lean on and talk to about seriously anything! That’s so important I think, to have someone when you’re away from home to fill the spot of your best friend again. We have eachother to talk to, to support, to learn with, to talk shit with and I’m excited for that. To live with someone else!! God I’m excited. I know she’ll always support me and she knows I will always support her. I’m so ready for this change. 


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