Land of the unequal

My mind is in so many different places, my heart is one deep place, my mind is going 20 different directions all at once, at all hours of the day my mind hopelessly wanders into the hopeless pit we call our country. I push it to the back of my mind when i can and try to not let it distract me from paragraph formation, statistics, electron configuration, the most random things can set me off wherever i am. I cant help but think about this travesty, about this dark hole were falling down, about how many miles backwards we are going. People say: stay hopeful, just accept that he is our president, get over it, grow up. How can you say get over it when hundreds of thousands of peoples lives are being affected and millions of people will be effected with his future plans. The pipeline, the immigration ban, the repeal of planned parenthood funding, the “Wall”. There are so many frightening things that can and probably will happen whilst he is in power and it makes my heart race, my palms sweat, my pupils dilate to think about all the possibilities and about all of the people that will be affected by this satanic dictator. I refuse to accept it, i refuse to get over it, i refuse to go with the flow, and i know i’m not alone. If you’re Hispanic/Latino/Latina, Muslim, Indian,African American, basically if you’re anything other than white you are fucked. I try to not swear when talking about this because i’ll work myself up and get so upset that every other word is a swear word but that’s basically it. You are fucked . If you are a woman who wants her rights you’re fucked. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community you’re fucked. If you are anything other than a rich, white, male then you are fucked. And that’s that. My stepdad is Indian and everyday he runs through my mind, working in a conservative town back home, i’m afraid he will be the victim of racial slurs, of even a hate crime. Now that Trump dictates our country anything is possible and i don’t put anything past anyone these days. I hope for his safety every day, i see women walking around my campus with hijabs on and i hope for their safety as they walk around, i see gay men on a date on campus and i hope for their safety. I see women in my classes who voted for him and i move seats in fear that i will blow up in their fucking faces “HOW COULD YOU VOTE FOR THIS! HOW COULD DISPLACE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES, HOW COULD YOU TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE?! FUCK YOU” How can a woman choose to do that? The people who voted for him are ignorant, racist, sexist, narrow minded, religious fucking freaks and i can’t waste my time with them. To the girl who used to be my friend back home and said “I had no other option…he was the best one” Fuck you and fuck you again. I’m glad you don’t have to deal with being afraid for your family members to go to work, to fear for your fucking PARENT TO GO TO HIS JOB. So fuck you Mackenzie (and the rest of this fucking country). To people saying that this election, people are being oversensitive, this was about seeing peoples true colors, peoples true opinions and stances on things. This really divided people and that’s all there is to that. This opened up a window that people were scared to open, it let us all see who you really are and what your true views on things are. I’m not sorry for cutting ties with anyone who voted for him because of how poorly people are being treated. I’m not sorry for screaming and crying. I’m not sorry for walking away from you. I’m not sorry for marching, I’m not sorry for protesting this SHIT. I don’t know where to stop because I could argue about this all night, and i don’t know how to filter myself from saying too much. Nothing is too much nowadays i suppose, if a dictator can mock disabled reporter then i can say that i’m fucking hurt by all of this, that i’m fucking scared for all of this and i can say Fuck. You. America. Fuck you for making millions of people feel displaced, for making millions of people scared to walk around and to make kids scared for their parents.


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